Change Nameserver to Another Cloudflare

I surfed the community but still havent found the right thread. I saw one thread saying that you cant change NS if you purchased domain in CF, hoping some of members here can clarify.

In the future, I want to replace the Cloudflare NS with another Cloudflare account. Is that possible? I have certain service provider, they will give me the NS for me to connect my domain to their Cloudflare.

Thanks in advance.

If the domain is registered with Cloudflare, then I am afraid you currently cannot switch account, respectively would have first to transfer the domain to another registrar.

If it is not registered with Cloudflare, you’d simply add it to the new account and change the nameservers at your registrar.


And changing to non-Cloudflare nameservers is generally not possible with domains registered with Cloudflare.

Only possible way is to wait it out 60 days and have it transferred to other registrar? Correct?

That is correct.

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