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I found other topics regarding this problem but I am still very confused.
In my registrar panel I can change DNS but not nameserver.
Because of Cloudflare request a nameserver change to work, how can I do it, in this case?

I understand that maybe there is a possibility changing both DNS and IP address but in this case there are 2 problems:
1 - Cloudflare doesn’t give me the IP
2- would disallow all the services

In the website info page you need to select “Configurazione DNS”, change them there.

If it asks for IPs (which it will), simply resolve via DNS the two nameservers assigned to you and insert those.

How I said, if I change the DNS will disallow all the services… And this is not what I want.

You have the domain registered through them I understand, right? If they disable their services when you change the nameservers, there is little you can do in this case, except for contacting them and asking for support.

The you can’t change name servers. I would strongly advise to stay far away from and not to put all your services with them, but that is your choice.

Knowing their support, that at the first query they reply in a way no one (probably not even them) will understand, then you understand they don’t really know what they are talking about and they will reply annoyed by the requests.

I had an issue with a transfer, I had to contact the directly since they were blaming others. Hope to get out of them as soon as possible.

That is not an unlikely scenario, but IMHO they should be given the benefit of the doubt. @ron7, contact them and ask for what you should do and if they do not come up with a reasonable response move your services elsewhere.

Just another Godaddy in the end :sunglasses:

Oh yeah… I would never go there on purpose, but if I was there I would try to at least get things fixed.

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