Change nameserver, but keep email at Godaddy

I currently have a domain name as well as a Microsoft 365 Outlook plan at GoDaddy. When I pointed the nameservers from GoDaddy to Cloudflare, the emails stopped working. How do I change the DNS settings so that I can continue using the email from GoDaddy’s Outlook plan and host the website on Cloudflare?

I have looked online, but I don’t really understand. I have to change something about the DNS records regarding the email. Do I just turn the email Proxy Status to DNS? Or do I need to change something else?

Thank you

Yes, all the email-related records should be switched to :grey: unproxied. The ftp and sip ones as well.

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Thanks for the reply! What about the e and webmail one?

Well, I don’t know what e is for, but it’s pointing to so it should be unproxied.

Webmail could go either way. If it works with the proxy then great.

The screenshot shows Cloudflare Email Routing is active on this domain. You cannot use that at the same time as another email service.

If you have Microsoft 365, you shouldn’t have legacy GoDaddy mailserver hostnames in the domain, either.