Change my website from .co to .com without affecting SEO and site operation

Hi guys - just wondering how I can change my website from .co to .com without affecting SEO and site operation. Tried searching but couldn’t find anything. Any advice would be really welcome :slight_smile:

Use a pagerule for your old domain with wildcards to redirect using 301 to new site.

** to $$2 with redirect as 301.

It should work fine.

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Hi thanks so much for your response - currently the .com version of the site has a holding page - won’t forwarding the domain to the .com url just then show the holding page? Do i need to upload the files to .com somehow first? thank you

scratch that - i think i have solved it

so now redirects to - is it simple enough to change the URL so that it appears as appears when users navigate to the site?

thanks again


This is a hosting and SEO issue. You can use whatever domain you want. Cloudflare has no influence over how your domain ranks. The Page Rule @eldhose will properly redirect requests for the old domain over to the new domain.

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