Change My Nameserver

Cloudflare wants me to change my nameserver in my domain to verify ownership but I own it via cloudflare how do i fix this issue.


You need to raise a registrar support ticket here…

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If you use Cloudflare registrar, it sounds like you deleted your domain from your sites. For future reference: don’t do that.

You will need to open a registrar support request from your Cloudflare dashboard using the link that @sjr shared. You can post the ticket number here for tracking.

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I only have the free version for this domain and when I try it just brings me to the community


If your domain was purchased using Cloudflare registrar, you will be able to open a registrarticket, even on a free Cloudflare subscription. Please share your domain name so that we can be certain that you use Cloudflare registrar.

It says registrar right in that screenshot that you shared.

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ae system repair . com

it did not let me type it all together


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Is that Seems there is ns change propagating and weston & zita show on whois and here, Those are the ns assigned to the account you are using here.

It will now, that’s a limitation on new members but you should be good to go now.

We’ll flag 3021442 for our colleagues in Registrar Support to make the change.


Thanks because I’ve been having issues and it’s frustrating

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