Change my CDN


my cloudflare site is in india, but it shows ip from Canada, how to change this ?


The IP address returned from DNS is an Anycast IP, meaning it will usually be the IP address closest to the visitor.

Due to how anycast works, you cannot set a “preferred” region/IP that will be used in Anycast results.


ok, thanks but can you help me how to increase speed of the site, I have used image optimizer, also used cache optimization tool but still it slow, its in cloudflare


Your Time to First Byte (TTFB) speed is slow. This is generally due to the amount of stuff the server has to compute on every page load, or the speed of the server itself.

Try auditing any plugins, API calls, or other server software that may be running on the website. You probably mainly want to talk with your website manager about it, or even your server host about upgrading the server it’s running on.


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