Change MFA method to login to cloudflare

Hi, I would like to update the MFA method for cases where the source IP address differs from the original when logging into the Cloudflare portal.

Today, we encountered an issue with our internet provider, prompting us to switch to an alternative provider. However, we faced difficulties changing the DNS of our mail server due to the MFA process triggered by Cloudflare when detecting a different source IP address. The MFA method used relies on email verification, and as a result, our corporate email was not functioning because we needed to update the DNS… :worried:

I couldn’t find any configuration settings to modify the MFA method for this specific scenario. Is it possible to make this adjustment?

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If you’re asking if there’s a way to weaken the MFA check, then no.

I’d advise against using an email address from a domain in your Cloudflare account unless you’re an Enterprise account where multiple Super Admins. Though if you add some other Admins to your account with sufficient privileges, that would reduce the risk.