Change login email address


Hope you are doing well.

I am trying to change the login email address I use, but the verification link doesn’t work?

Were you able to resolve this @focus-doors?

No, I was not able to.
I understand by posting here that cloudflare will reach out and do a reset.

Hi @focus-doors sorry for the ongoing issue. Are you sending the email from by selecting Send verification email again and when the email arrives the link is invalid?

In the past I’ve seen issues with invalid links when the link is clicked from an older email and has expired due to another request. I am not sure if that is what’s happening here as I cannot see the emails being sent. But, my colleagues in Support have a bit more visibility into what’s going on.

Can you create an Account ticket with the Support team, and share that ticket number here once you have it? I’ll flag that ticket and this conversation for my colleagues in Support.

Hi. No verification email is sent or received. It does nothing. I couldn’t generate a support ticket.

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Thank you, sorry for the issues. I created ticket 2934962 and you will have received a copy of it. You can add whatever details you’d like to that ticket. I copied myself to keep track of progress and will flag this topic for the attention of my colleagues.

Much appreciated. Thank you.

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