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Hi recently we have a requirement to change the Issued To to Fully Qualified Domain Name, can it Possible can u pls tell me


You mean the common name? Free certificates do have a fully qualified domain name as a common name, however it is a Cloudflare one.

If you require one for your own domain you’ll need to purchase a dedicated certificate, which comes at $5 or $10 a month.


means can i change this to what i highlighted in image to my domainname url like


That is a fully qualified domain name. But yes, if you want to change that you need to order a dedicated certificate which costs either $5 or $10 a month (depending on how many hosts you want included).


can you pls tell me what is the process to get it


In the control panel under “Crypto”.


Hi in Crypto i have created Origin certificate , but there was no option to change that name can you pls tell me particularly which option i have to choose , possibly if you can


Not an Origin Certificate. You need to buy a new certificate in the Edge Certificates section with the “Order SSL Certificate” button.

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