Change ip on Cloudflare for our site

My resource received several IP addresses during registration
But on the same ip addresses there was a resource that was blocked.
Accordingly, my site stopped opening from many points, although we have nothing to do with the resource that they are trying to block!
How can we change the ip addresses of our site? We are using a paid account.

I am afraid you cannot change the proxied IP (:orange: cloud) address given from Cloudflare.

Each Website which is being added to Cloudflare, while using :orange: (proxy mode) get’s two or three IP addresses.

Do you have some screenshot?
There could be for sure multiple domains given and using the same IP address as your’s.

I am sorry to hear that. Due to my missunderstanding of your issue, may I ask what error do you get as far as you are saying your site stopped working?
Also, from which points?

Hi @user2732,

There’s no way to change which IP addresses Cloudflare uses for your proxied records.

However, I think each plan has its own pool of IPs, so upgrading might result in getting another IP. Someone will have to confirm this though :slightly_smiling_face:

Users on the Enterprise plan can bring their own IP address - this is the only way to get a dedicated IP address afaik.

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