Change IP cloudflare

Good afternoon. I could not find how to write personally to the administrator. It’s necessary to change the site’s IP, as it was blocked by the state (not my site, but the IP). What do I need to do? Can I eat a one-time fee?

Hi @skajibnejib619,

If an IP is being blocked, if you switch to a new one, it will likely also be blocked. You could try opening a new Cloudflare account and transferring the domain across. That may result in different IPs, but it may not!

Unless you are in an Enterprise plan, I doubt you will be able to ask for a change of IP. You can try contacting support about it if you want, though. It is possible that upgrading plans may also change your IP.

How to contact support? I climbed the whole site, I could not find it. It is very necessary to transfer to another ip, since nothing works!

Login to and have a look into the help section, or

with your dashboard account

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