Change IP adress

Hi guys! I have an issue with my site. I proxied it through Cloudflare, and now I get this message from monitoring services (i.e.
“The site was found in the database of blocked sites of Roskomnadzor: found at IP address, found at IP address”.

It means, that this IP adresses are in black list, it is not because the site has forbidden content itself. So, I want to change IP adresses, that are assigned to my site by Cloudflare. Is it possible? How?

Are you actually experiencing issues, like it not being available in Russia? Cloudflare is a CDN and like the other CDNs they literally have to share the IP between customers because of IPv4 exhaustion

There’s no way to change the IP Cloudflare gives you for this reason.

Actually site is available. Thanx God. But at the same time the IP adress is in the black list and nobody knows when russian goverment will shoot in the leg again. They already banned critical infrastructure. The really can ban IP of Cloudflare.
So, thanx for your answer. Let’s wait and see the next steps.

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