Change IP addresses in all sites

I have just migrated my server and was given a new IP address - is there any way to change all dns records on all sites in one go rather than each record one by one?

You can try a script I posted a while ago:

Ideally, you would CNAME all the records that should go together, so that this kind of change just involves changing one record.

Something like:
origin IN A :orange:
www IN CNAME :orange:
beta IN CNAME :orange:

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This doesn’t help you immediately but to set things up right for next time, you can have one DNS entry pointing to your IP, and then CNAME all the others to it. Then if the IP changes again you’ll only have to update a single DNS entry.

Hello Michael - thank you for your answer. I shall endeavor to utilize your script, however it looks a little bit beyond my capabilities with only limited knowledge of code. I may have to concede to the manual option.

Thank you - I shall bear this in mind for the future.

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