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Situation before the change: I am with Bluehost, changed the nameservers to Cloudflare, no issues, and everything worked correctly.

Change that needs to be done: I am on a new server (edit: not a Bluehost server), meaning that I have a different IP Address now. I want to keep serving CDN through Cloudflare, so I figured I should change the IP Address on Cloudflare to the new server (correct me if I’m making a thinking error).

I went to DNS Management within Cloudflare > changed the IP address with type A as per below. However, my IP address switched back automatically.


Can you please assist and let me know where I should change this?

Hi @radicalfire8,

If the IP is being changed, it sounds like this will be due to an automated service connected to your account. Did you give Bluehost your API key? You can check the Audit Log to see what is changing the records and renew your Global API key if you don’t want the service to access your account any more.

Hi domjh,

Thanks for your quick reply! It’s not a server from Bluehost, it’s a server from another hosting provider. Does the same apply in that case?

Cheers, Marjolein

No problem, yes just check the Audit log and you should see what service made the change.

Hi Domjh,

This is a completely new feature for me, thanks for pointing it out!

All I see is record added or record deleted, as per below:

However, I can’t see why the record or change was deleted. I changed the IP address in DNS > column Content. All other variables stayed the same. After I’ve done the change, the records are deleted within a couple of minutes.

Is this the correct way to do this?

If you click those entries, it will show more.

As these are unwanted modifications to your settings, I suggest you reset your API key, as recommended by @domjh.

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Thanks for your suggestion, I’ve changed all the IP addresses a couple of minutes ago and they haven’t changed yet (edit: they did change back). So resetting the API keys was (edit: not) the solution.

I want to change to the server of this other hosting company, so I should change the Type A DNS records to the correct IP address. I’ve done it for all of them, except one that I can’t change, please see below:

Is it okay to leave this one as is?

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Update: I’ve checked again this morning and the IP addresses are reset back to the previous IP address.

Is there any other way to change this?

Can you check the audit logs again?

Thanks for your quick reply!

I’ve checked them, and there’s no info that tells me anything. Of course, I’m not an expert. Here’s an example of the rec deleted entry:

Is there something that catches your eye?

Can you confirm is there any API token still valid?

I guess you are referring to Global API key right?

I’ve reset the Global API yes

Could you clarify this question? I’m not sure what you mean or where I could check that

It’s located here:

Just above the API Keys section.

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I have no API token (edit) at the moment, would it be necessary to create one? If so, what kind?

There’s always a Global API key. But as for Tokens, if you don’t have any, then this isn’t the issue.

That’s really strange that you reset the Global API Key, yet something is still using the API to change these records.

You may have to contact Support to see if they can track down which key was used to make the change.

To contact Cloudflare Customer Support, login & go to and select get more help. If you receive an automatic response that does not help you, please reply and indicate you need more help.


I will contact support, thank you all for your great help so far!

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