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Lately, my host has changed the server base for my site from Europe to US. They have provided me new name servers. May i know How do i update them(in DNS) or these are automatically updated on your end?

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Nameservers are unrelated, as you need to keep Cloudflare’s, however you probably have to change the IP address of your server if that changed as well. This wont be automatically updated but you need to specify the new IP address(es) - if there are such - in your Cloudflare control panel.

Hi Sandro, Thank You for the quick reply. My new US server IP Address is May i know where to edit IP on CF Dashboard.

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You’d do this in the DNS section.

Ok. so i have changed for all the 8 A Records to new server ip. Just confirming i did it correctly and everything is in place.


Looks alright to me, however you also proxy your ftp entry and that wont work if you actually want to connect via FTP. Keep in mind though, unproxying that (or any other) entry - switching to :grey: - will reveal your IP address. I am not sure if that is of concern for you. If it is, unproxying might be an issue, but in that case you should also remove the screenshots here.

Hi Sandro, Sorry but I am having less knowledge about server vocabulary and working. I am unable to understand what function FTP serves. Shall i switch to grey cloud on FTP.? Did you mean that? I am deleting the screenshot…

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FTP is a protocol used for transferring files. As Cloudflare only supports HTTP and not other protocols, such as FTP, you couldnt connect via a proxied entry. If you are not using FTP you probably dont have to worry, but then you could also remove that DNS entry altogether.

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ok i am deleting this FTP Record. Thanks

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