Change in domain registrar + New email hosting records

Change in domain registrar + New email hosting records

This is a 2-part question…

I am going to be moving my domain from GoDaddy to NameCheap. When i make this move, am i going to have to remove and re-add the domain? Or make any other changes? Or simply add the same cloudflare nameservers to the new registrar DNs panel?

Next, I’m going to be getting private email for the domain (which i will then use through gmail’s platform). when i create that email for the domain, am i going to have to make any changes here inside of cloudflare? MX records? TXt records? Etc? Or will all changes be made inside of namecheap? or?

And if i am overcomplicating things and you have an easier solution that would be helpful to haha

Thank you for your help.


If it’s the domain registration you’re moving: when you get to NameCheap, you need to tell them (in your WHOIS settings) to use the Cloudflare name servers.

DNS changes for email have to be taken care of here.

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