Change in API and IP ranges

I have a script that diffs the last set of ips from and diff’s this against the previous week. This gives us a heads up if and IP range is added.

It has run fine for a year or so. Today it failed. It appears there is an API change and a possible IP range change.

The page has an “updates” section, and neither the IP or the URL change is mentioned.

  1. Can someone verify the IP range change, or is this an error in the web site?
    2, Can you add it to the “updates” section to make customers aware of it.
  2. Maybe note the api change as well.

The page actually says when it was last updated, which was almost a year ago.

The CIDR you referred to is still /14 and not /12.

As for the redirect, just follow any redirects, but generally neither the URLs nor the addresses have changed.

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That is not the API. The API is documented here:

yeah - it’s not the API as in ‘Cloudflare API v4’ -

but it’s where points you to download a (supposedly authoritative list) of IPs used by Cloudflare proxies.

If this should be in a different section then, moderators please locate correctly.

As mentioned, nothing has changed in almost a year.

If you you are concerned about any new lines and can’t handle them in your code, it might be a good idea to use the API instead.

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