Change Image Paths On Cloudflare

Since switching to Cloudflare my site has acquired over 10,000 backlinks from image scrapers often under the name of wiring diagrams. Example here:

Previously, I used a CDN that served images from a different domain entirely, causing no link issues with image scrapers. Is there a way to set Cloudflare to serve images from a different path so as the links don’t all direct to my site? Something like

Not directly with Cloudflare, no. CF is a “pull” proxy, meaning it contacts your origin for any images it needs. What you’d need is a “push” proxy where you upload your images elsewhere and the links on your site direct to Transitioning to serving only specific content on a different domain would be a lot of overhead and would be a lot of work for such a small feature.

What is your reasoning for not wanting backlinks to your site? If anything, they increase your SEO (since they’re legitimate backlinks) and keep your Cloudflare cache “warm” in as many locations as possible.

Thanks Judge. The content wouldn’t per say need to be transitioned to a different domain but services like Stackpath serve static images from a different domain so another option is to use a company like that to serve images.

The backlinks aren’t natural/legitimate and are spam, they’re not helping but hurting SEO. Having a large proportion of your monthly added backlinks from spam sites that scrape and serve your images at best don’t add anything and at worst cause potential flags for unnatural backlinks.

yap I would say either use cdn like stackpath and others, or just get another domain just for images(but it probably will be against cf rules so you will need to ask them about it)…

Which part could be against CF rules, using another CDN for images or getting another domain for images? How would I go about integrating a 3rd party CDN for images with Cloudflare? Is there a way to separate just images to the other CDN and everything else from Cloudflare?

getting another domain just for images I think is against the rules

you just signup for the cdn and use the address they give you for the urls… nothing special

How would I parse out just the imaged for the CDN address?

I have no idea of your back end code the technical guy should probably help you with it

after you do that you would also need to create a rule to redirect all the old images urls into the new one

Sounds good, thanks for your help!

There is a provision in the TOS that you can’t use CF “for a disproportionate amount of non-HTML content”, so you can’t only host images/large files/etc.

This is generally on a “per-account” basis though. You’ll be fine as long as you have other domains on CF that are proxied (orange cloud in the DNS tab :orange:), and the images are also linked via your main website, and the usage still isn’t disproportionate (eg. You still can’t serve multi-GB files and just link them on a page). Many image boards that use Cloudflare will have a separate domain just for images and it’s perfectly fine within the Terms of Service.