Change HTTP response timeout for specific areas of website


We are facing an issue with a 524 timeout error, where our origin server inokes a backend script that calls an external API request to another service. This request typically takes in excess of 100 seconds and thus we get the 524 error.

As we are an enterprise customer, I am aware we can request Cloudflare to increase this response timeout up to 600 seconds.

Noting rehosting this section of the website on a different subdomain and removing the proxied status wouldn’t be ideal as having WAF is a requirement.

However, is it possible to change this timeout for a specific area of the web site? Something similar to a URL wildcard rule like we see in page rules. And/or change the timeout value for specific source IP adress range?

Or is changing the timeout value only global for the whole zone?

Note we are going down the avenue of reaching out to Cloudflare support, but hoping to get feedback from the community as well.


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