Change forum password? [SOLVED]

Looks interesting this new Cloudflare forum! Just one thing though: how do I change my password for the forum?

If this Discourse installation ever gets compromised, I don’t want the attacker to end up with my main Cloudflare password. So I would very much like to change the forum password. :slight_smile:

(I couldn’t find it under the gear icon in the right.)

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Understand the concerns, but we are using single sign on across both, so they have to be linked. You can setup 2 factor auth on your account (which we recommend regardless of whether or not you use this community) to add an extra layer of security.


I know, and can also understand the reasoning behind it. But was hoping that at least a password change was possible.

I appreciate pointing this out, but just checked to see that this 2 factor auth (still) only works with smartphones. I don’t have one of those. :slight_smile:

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Yeah it is a concern

Guess if Cloudflare accounts supported multiple user/api keys we could generate one to assign and use for forum logins specifically ? :slight_smile:

Since we’re using SSO there really isn’t a forum password. Instead, the fact that you’ve successfully authenticated to Cloudflare allows you access to the community forum. Your credentials aren’t stored in the discourse instance. :slight_smile:


thanks @cs-cf for the clarification :slight_smile:

what he said :yay:

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That’s good news, thanks. Topic solved! :slight_smile: