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How can I change the email on my Cloudflare Community account? I already changed it on my main Cloudflare dashboard but the change does not reflect here and I can’t see a way of changing it.

I might not be familiar if this is possible:

But, I believe the Communiy admin (@cloonan) could provide us with some more helpful information about it and help you with your case.

Hi @user18368 we use sso between the Community and the cloudflare dashboard. If you login at with your new email, select Community from the Support drop down and then login with sso to the Cloudflare Community you will have a community account using your new email.

Once you have done that, post here if you’d like me to merge posts from your former account to the new account and provide both account usernames.

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Thanks, I think we’re sorted now. I think the issue was that the community login was more persistent than the dashboard login, perhaps.

I tried the whole thing from scratch in private browsing and now my community account shows the correct (new) email and my existing posts so looks like there is no need to merge.

Thanks again.

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Yes, it is.

:+1: thank you, let us know if anything comes up and thank you for the confirmation.

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