Change email address not working

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I, at one time, was a paying CF customer and had used my primary email alias for that account management page. Things changed with our business and I ended up migrating away and asking support to close / delete my account. They did that. That was in Nov. 2019.

That said, I need to go back to being a paying CF customer and I have noticed that I cannot use that very same email address that I had originally used. I am currently using an alias of mine to get in and add teh domain, etc. However, I want to switch my email to be my primary and get an error when trying to switch to that. I have emailed support AT cloudflare DOT com and the support bot keeps closing my requests since they come from my primary email address.

I see here that it says that upon an account deletion, that the email may NOT be used for up to a year. Well, it’s past a year so… according to the support docs, I should be able to move my email over.

As I mentioned, I have tried several times to open a support ticket with CF but it keeps getting closed. I have even opened one sourcing from my alias in CF that I am using today and that got auto closed.

I would like assistance in getting my current email moved to my primary but for some reason its getting denied.

Any help here would be greatly appreciated.


Forgot to include the link where it says you cannot use the same email address for up to a year… here it is:

Deleting a Cloudflare account – Cloudflare Help Center


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