Change domain from old cloudflare account to new cloudflare account


I have a domain name which was registered with Godaddy and added in Cloudflare some years ago but I lost the details of the mail account with which Cloudflare was associated.

How can I retrieve it or remove it from that cloudlfare account, I need to add a subdomain to the website.

I tried creating a new Cloudflare account for the domain but couldnt get it working, seems like need to remove from the older Cloudflare account. Please let me know what I can do in this situation, please help me out.

Basically I need to change domain from old Cloudflare account and add to new Cloudflare account, but unfortunately lost the details of old account.

Please do help.


Take a look at and follow the relevant steps for you.

If you have no access at all to the old email, it’s unlikely that you can do anything but start fresh by moving the domain to a new account.

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