Change domain email without access?

I need to change the email address associated with a domain. I do not have access to the current email associated with the domain and need to find out how to process this change by providing some sort of company identification validation.

If you can’t access the current email associated with your Cloudflare account, you’ll need to create a new account and move your domain to it. You can follow the steps outlined in this Cloudflare Help Center article: Moving domains between Cloudflare accounts. Unfortunately, without access to the email, Cloudflare cannot change the email on the account for security reasons.

Thanks for your reply! I’ve created a new Cloudflare account as detailed in the link. The problem is that the next steps say to move it from the current registrar which IS Cloudlfare. What I need is to be able to verify the company through a different email, phone, or form so we can gain access to the current registrar account here on Cloudflare.


Thank you for the details, can you create a Registrar ticket with the Support team using the account you are using here and let them know you’re active on the Community here, Change domain email without access?. On the ticket, share the email for the account you cannot access and the name of the domain. I’ll flag this post and your ticket for my Registrar colleagues.

You can create a registrar ticket here,


Thank you for creating a ticket. We are currently reviewing your case and will update you in the ticket.

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