Change Domain Admin

Cheers Cummunity,

is it possible to “send” a domain forward to an other Cloudflare account?
The Problem is, that my host went down and the nice DeNIC Support is not able to change the nameservers or to give me an authcode. So the Project with the “lost” domain is managed by a friend of mine and wants to manage the domain too.

You mean to manage that domain from another Cloudflare account? No. You’d have to change name servers.

What’s wrong with just pointing your Cloudflare DNS entries to the new host IP addresses?

At some point, you’ll need to resolve the issue with DeNIC changing your name servers.

assuming the “cannot change nameservers” is because of lack of access to the registrar account (?) - maybe due to forgotten password and now no mail service to account because the host is down, your friend, if he has been managing the domain over Cloudflare, can set the MX for the domain to a new host so you can get your e-mail, then you can do a “forgot my password” at the registrar, re-gain access there, and then change the nameservers?

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