Change dns twice?

Hi there,
So I’ve already used Cloudflare in the past and already set up a couple of domains, but this time I need to do it for a domain that is ongodaddy and the hosting on 1and1. since I’ve already had to change the dns to point the 1and1 hosting to godaddy domain, what happens if I change the dns again? will I lose the link between the hosting and domain?

please let me know,

There’s no need to move the DNS nameservers when you change hosting providers, you can just change where the IP address points for your hosts.

thanks for your reply.
so how can I do it in godaddy in order to both pointing to 1and1 and use the dns of Cloudflare to use its https?


If GoDaddy is your registrar you would change the nameservers there to point ot Cloudflare. In Cloudflare you would point the A records (or CNAME records) for your sites to the IP addresses provided by your host 1&2.

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