Change **DNS resolution** from namecheap to cloudflare

I have changed my DNS domain name resolution from namecheap to cloudflare. But when I access the domain name, my webpage explicitly states “the webpage is not functioning properly”, and when I perform an ICANN query, it shows the domain name status being “clientTransferProhibited”. How can I address the problem?


It’s been like an hour, after I changed the DNS resolution from namecheap to cloudflare. But the domain doesn’t work yet. with ICANN status “clientTransferProhibited”.

It this normal? is not using Cloudflare.

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Sorry, I got you wrong. the domain name is

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Can you please head over to and check your current SSL/TLS encryption mode?

If it is currently set to Flexible, then switch to Full (Strict).

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Make sure your encryption mode is Full Strict.

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If I understand correct, “changing the DNS resolution from A to B” is a different thing from “domain transfer from A to B”. If so, why ICANN shows the status “clientTransferProhibited”?

The domain status is all right and DNS is not the issue here. You have an insecure legacy encryption mode on Cloudflare and currently no encryption. Change that to Full Strict and your site will be secure and will work.

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Oh! that works!
You’re my saver!


Cool bro, you’re my savior!

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