Change DNS Ownership between Cloudflare accounts

About a month ago, one of our vendors changed the nameservers for our domain to another zone. At this time they unwittingly changed ownership of the domain away from our company account to an individual users account. We requested them to move it back, but they didn’t know how, and just changed the nameservers, which led to an outage. The nameservers have been changed back for a temporary solution, but I’m wondering what the correct process is to change ownership of the DNS to the primary company account.

Do you mean they changed the Cloudflare account for the DNS (rather than ownership of the actual domain name)?

If so, to move DNS to another Cloudflare account, simply add the zone to the receiving account, prepare the DNS records and then note the 2 new nameservers given there. Change the nameservers at the registrar to those 2 new nameservers. The zone will be removed from the previous account after a period due to the nameservers not matching for that account, or you can delete it yourself.

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:point_up: That input is spot-on. Add it to the account you are using here and then contact your registrar godaddy and change the nameservers to the two assigned when you add the website. They will be different than the two you had before.

So we did change the nameservers in GoDaddy to the ones for our primary account, but no changes appeared in Cloudflare when this adjustment was made. The site still didn’t appear under the primary account, and about a week later the DNS stopped working. I assume I’m missing a step here.

Make sure you check the actual nameservers Cloudflare gives you for the domain at the bottom here…

The nameservers will very likely be different from the “usual” nameservers used in your account if the domain has been in and out of the account, or you set the nameservers before adding the domain to the account.

What is the domain?


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