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Hello everybody
I have already created my nameserver at cloudflare but I do not remember the account with which I did that.
how can i get another name server and crash the old one, is not it going to be a problem if i do that ?

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I think you can just set up a new account and add the domain, then go to your registrar and change your domain’s name servers to the new one. I know Cloudflare does some internal checking, but defers to the registrar to decide which Cloudflare account has the correct name servers for your domain.

It’d be nicer if you could track down your old account. Have you tried looking through old email to find out which email address you used?


Hi Sdayman!
I have no chance to recover this account, I tried it several times, but I will try to create a new account and change my NS domain as you said, thank you!

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Hello Sdayman,
I just set up a new account and added my domain, but how can I know my DNS records on my old account ? thanks in advance

Best regards.


Well that is impossible if you don’t have a copy. You can dig out something, but not much I presume.

You either have to recreate everything or try and contact support[@] to recover your old account.


The DNS records are typically pulled from your original host provider, like GoDaddy. As @Matteo said, you’ll have to manually re-add them, but you should be able to find most of them in the account where your site is hosted.


I believe that most of his up-to-date records are in the other Cloudflare account, the registrar’s DNS has been unused for a while… I never tried moving the domain from one account to another!


Agreed, but without that, they’re starting from scratch.


He should really try to recover his account. That would be the easiest way…


Recovering the account is ideal, but he’d have to try every email one by one.

Also, if there are problems with the changeover it might be worth switching the nameservers back to the default from the registrar in between the old and new CF NS.

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