Change DNS MX Record To Grey Cloud

Hi, I hope all are staying safe and well, that’s the most important goal of the day. I would like to know how to change my DNS MX record from DNS Only to a Grey cloud. Can you help?

Thank you

An MX record doesn’t have a :grey: setting. But the hostname it points to does.

Hi sdayman. Thank you for your rapid response. So if the hostname has a greycloud is the IP origin secure? If not how would I fix it?

It sounds like your MX record points to your site’s hostname. Hosting email on the same server as your website exposes your webserver’s IP address, and there’s no getting around that.

The best you can do at this point is to use a ‘mail’ subdomain that’s set to :grey:, and have your website’s hostname(s) set to :orange:. Then your MX record will point to :grey: ‘mail’, which will work.

Thank you man. I’ll pass the information on to my Webhost provider and see if we can’t put it to good use. Thank you again your help is really appreciated.

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