Change DNS? IP address changed; please help

Hello. My server changed my IP address. Now Cloudflare is showing an error. I’m not technical. Can someone please tell me how to change my IP address? Specific steps would be much appreciated. Thank you very much!!!


Please go into the DNS section of your dashboard and click on “Edit” on the DNS entry you want to adopt to your new IP. Then paste the new IP into the “Content” section of the entry. Finally click “Save”.

If the DNS Entry is proxied it will take effect immediately, if unproxied it will take a short time until it will be reflected on all devices, as they cache DNS entries.

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Thank you VERY much for helping me.

I was able to edit the first “A” entry. Then there is another A entry that has a different IP-- and when I try to edit that one, I get a red notification bar saying:

A record with the same settings already exists. (Code: 81058).”

This is for the same website.

I still can’t see my site when I type in the URL.

Do you think I should delete the other “A” entry?? Is that just a duplicate or ???

Also, do I need to worry about the control panel or any other entries, besides “A”? My host tech support said to change the A entry. So should that be enough?

Thank you for any help!!! Very much!!

Please don’t just randomly edit the first one, edit the ones that still point to the old IP and just replace the old IPs with the new one. Please do this for IPv4 and (if available) also IPv6.

I can’t really give any advice since I do not know:

  1. your old IP
  2. your new IP
  3. your DNS setup & all A/AAAA/CNAME entries.

But on the other hand I will not ask you to share them since they could be considered private information. So it really is hard to give any hints here.

In general you need to edit all old IPs to the new IP in the DNS section.

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