Change dns in my domain

Hello yesterday I changed the dns of my domain to cloudflare and although the dns are already propagated, my web page cannot be seen.
show this error :ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS

That’s an HTTPS redirect loop. Was your site working with HTTPS before you added it to Cloudflare?

I am facing the same issue. My website wasn’t working with https before I added it to cloudflare

That’s something you need to fix before you add a site to Cloudflare.


I disabled temporarily Cloudflare and add https to my site but I still got the same error

You need to have an SSL/TLS certificate on your server. If your host doesn’t offer one, Cloudflare can generate one for your server:

I added SSL/TLS but the issue didn’t resolved

Your site is in a redirect loop for HTTPS? What’s the domain?

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Site loads with https for me, @eitinstitute786, perhaps try from a different device/browser/incognito tab?

Yes, my website working with https before change to cloudflare.

what would be the solution? My website has been with the same error for two days.

Is your SSL/TLS setting here Full (Strict)? It should be, since your site was already configured for HTTPS.

I have returned everything to my old server and I have changed the dns again because it had been three days without my website, maybe later I will try again with cloudflare

Check your redirect in hosting. For example: mod rewrite. I face a problem with this on Dreamhost Shared Hosting. If you use shared hosting, may be i have a solution for this.

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