Hi Guys, I’m trying to activate Cloudflare on my site, without success

The Cloudflare status has been pending for a week

How can I solve? If I try to enter the DNS provided by Cloudflare on netsons, I find these errors.

Warning! The domain, which you are trying to park on nameservers outside Netsons, appears to be in "pendingUpdate" state.

N.B. This means that the request was successful but we must wait for the change at the Registry.

pendingUpdate: Domain for which a modification of the authoritative nameservers has been requested and is awaiting a successful DNS configuration check.
The domain remains in this state for a maximum period of 5 (five) days. If within this period the new DNS configuration is not validated by the Registry with positive result, it is abandoned. The domain returns to the previous state.

Warning! The domain "", which you are trying to park on nameservers outside Netsons, is having incorrect nameservers.

N.B. the nameserver exchange is approved ONLY and EXCLUSIVELY by the NIC.

If the nameservers are NOT updated then the NIC NOT allowed the update because the new nameservers do not have a correct configuration of the related zone files.

In this case check that the configuration of the DNS zone of the domain is identical to that found on> customer area> domain panel> control panel> DNS panel or contact the service provider who provides the nameserver service.

For further information on this, contact the NIC for assistance on the numbers listed on

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