Change dns from cloudfare to dreamhost

i itransfered most of my domains from hostgator to cloudfare… i also changed the hosting plan to dreamhost vps plan … when i started to build a new wordpress site in the switched domain i start to find errors
for example
during hostgator hosting plan … i changed the dns to cloudfare dns …
now after i transfered the domain to cloudfare and built a new wordpress in dream host plan
the website not working
dream host keeps show me the old wordoress design in managed domains page
dreamhost asks to change dns to dns records…
i don`t know how to change the dns records to a domain registered in cloudfare to dreamhost
nameserever .
im also not sure if this is the right way …
but ill try
i need an advice what to do

Cloudflare Registrar does not let you change name servers. For your situation, I suggest you click “Pause Cloudflare on Site” from the overview page, lower right corner, then make sure your DNS records match the ones at your host. This should all take five minutes to take effect.

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