Change DNS and got 522 Error

My server update a new IP, so I change DNS A record.
But in the next 4 hours(now), always got “Error 522” on my page.

I’ve read about “Error 522 guide” and follow:
- Firewall setting, no problem.
- DNS A record point correct IP, and server IP can connect.
- My domain provider is the Cloudflare DNS configured, Name server is correct.
- SSL encryption mode to Full (strict)
- Clear the site cache and browser cache

My website:
*By the way, disable Cloudflare on site can connect, but if enable will get error 522.

Thank you read. Could you teach me next step, or how should I fix it?


The most common reason of 522’s are rate limiting by the hosting provider.

Please follow this guidance to determine the cause of those timeouts:

Error 522: connection timed out

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