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Following up on this unanswered question: Default Contact Information won't update

When I edit my contacts, I have an option to Prefill from Default Contact this would be great. This would mean that for all of my domains (I have only twenty or so) I would need to click on each of mmy domains and then click that button for each of the contacts.

But I can’t seem to update that default, so now rather than a single click (times 20 time 4) I need to fill in a new address and zip code for each. I have looked and looked and cannot find a place to change the source of the Default Contact.

It would be nice if there were a way to update all domains at once since when my address changed, it changed for every domain. I didn’t keep my business one place for some domains, but stay there for others.

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Hi @jay5,

Welcome! I believe I recognise your profile from Discourse Meta :slight_smile:

I’m pretty sure this used to work, but now I can’t remember where I set it. I’ll keep searching and if I can’t find it then I’ll check with one of the Registrar Support Team when they’re next on the community.


Oh I think I found it!

If you go to Account → Registrar → Manage, at the top of the manage section you should see the default contact with an edit option.

That’s me! I tried to change my username accordingly, but I’ve apparently missed that window if there was one.

By “account” do you mean “Account Home” from clicking my avatar? I don’t see registrar on that page (that has the list of my domains).

I finally found it by switching to the old interface, then account home (I think) and then “buy domains” to get the to image that you showed.

Now I just have 15 clicks for each of my 15 domains. Fantastic. This would be pretty infeasible if I had many more domains.

Thanks for your help.

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Ah, I think it is 3 months from joining. If you open a Meta topic and tag @RemoveAccount (I know that name is counterintuitive, just go with it :sweat_smile:) then one of the admins can update it. Referencing Community Tip - Best Practices Remove Account, Account Management, Username, Account name for future readers.

It’s not ideal, there is a way in the new interface but it takes a minute.

If you go to the dashboard home page (and select an account if you have access to more than one) then the second option on the left sidebar menu should be ‘Registrar’ which should take you to the same place.

Yeah, I don’t even think you can do this with the API unfortunately.

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I switched back to the new interface.

but it’s “Buy Domains”:


So I didn’t have much chance to guess, even with your help.

I guess there are different versions of the new navigation that haven’t rolled out to everyone…

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That’s really not useful, mine looks like this.

So seems some people have it called Registrar and others Buy Domains. Thanks for the info, I’m not sure which it is supposed to be - I have asked.


Just to update this thread, the two different wordings are being tested and could be seen for a while so useful to know.

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