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Hi all,
I run a website in PL, but I can see that my website is being routed through a Cloudflare datacenter in San Jose, CA, United States - (SJC). How can I change this so it gets routed through their Poland datacenter?


You can’t

but it is relatively unlikely that you’d be routed through the US. Can you post the full output?

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h=My Website
uag=Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/87.0.4280.141 Safari/537.36

i have strangle ping if i have enable ssl my ping is 200-300 ms, without ssl 30-50 max :confused:

All right, yes, in your case you do seem to get routed through the US. There have been recently a few such cases, they typically got sorted out after a few days.

You could contact your ISP and ask them to have a look into that routing.

Not sure about your ping reference, as that does not involve SSL.

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I have a server in soyoustart, so I have to write to the support ??

Your host won’t be able to help you. Only your ISP can, you’d need to contact their support.

Can you also post a screenshot of


hmm, my friends have same problem but he have other ISP (from PL), other hosting ( i have server in france, my friend in canada?)

That’s not a screenshot.

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Something seems to be very off with that routing here. You are not only routed via the US but even via Japan.

Additionally to contacting your ISP you might also want to open a support ticket with Cloudflare. Maybe they got something wrong with the announcements in Poland.

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It’s interesting that ENT sites are all routed correctly. Business is ~50%, and it goes downhill from there. Free sends almost all of them my way. No wonder California feels so crowded!


The routing can’t be completely off, otherwise Enterprise probably wouldn’t work either, but that does not explain why the lower plans go all across the planet. If WAW is currently under load, fair enough, but then requests should go somewhere else in Europe (like the HAM ones for example), but the US and Japan are not expected.


oki, I wrote to the support
i check that ping on other different ISP but same :confused: ping

The question is where are you routed with that other ISP?

At this point it really seems as if there is some announcement issue (you should stay at least in Europe), but that’s something only your ISP and Cloudflare can clarify. I’d open a ticket with both and wait for their feedback.

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Hi there,

I can tell you that we did see a large increase in traffic for European datacenters, so we have shifted Free zone advertisements to other datacenters in order to prioritize our Enterprise and Business tier customers. This is expected behavior and should resolve in a few hours after traffic in European datacenters drops down to manageable levels, after which time you should see the advertisements for your zone on Cloudflare coming from WAW again.


Sure, that would be what would be expected. If WAW is under load anything else in the vicinity would be perfectly fine, but across the Atlantic or even to Japan?

Kind of strange, me to. From Croatia Tele2, but routed via Chhatrapati Shivaji International (Sahar International)?

Other domain is OK.

Or I have missed something?

Hi again,

Yes, it’s quite strange to see and understand logically - the reason traffic is being sent globally is due to capacity issues. Normally, traffic would fall back to the next closest tier 1 datacenter that is advertising the IP prefixes for your zone - however, due to capacity constraints (there was a lot of traffic to our European datacenters this afternoon) the network engineers made the decision to send that traffic away to larger datacenters that didn’t have a huge capacity in traffic in order to help free up congestion. Some of the prefixes that advertise Free and Pro traffic will get pulled from the datacenters, but not all, not always, so this is why you might see inconsistent routing with your websites on Cloudflare, as they all have different prefixes.


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