Change country of the ip - Cambiar pais de la ip

Cambiar pais de la ip

Al introducir las nuevas DNS la ip cambia al USA u otro pais. ¿Como hacer para que sea el pais original del servidor? o ¿Poner el pais que correcto?

Change country of the ip

When introducing the new DNS the ip changes to the USA or another country. How to make it the original country of the server? Or put the country that is right?

You can unproxy the DNS record in question, in which case the original IP address will resolve. Otherwise you will have the addresses you currently have, however there is no issue with that. Please use the search and #Tutorials for more details.

But if I delete the DNS proxy, will this website stop using cloudflare?

Well, you will still use the DNS service but of course you will stop using the proxy services.

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