Change cname setup to dns setup

Hi everybody,

My website is connected to Cloudflare through a cname setup by Cloudflare’s hosting partner A2Hosting. But I would like to change this setup to a normal DNS setup. Where the DNS nameservers will point to cloudflare. Can anyone help me and tell me how can I do this?

Thank you!

Step 1 would be to deactivate the Cloudflare connection at A2Hosting.

After that, you’d have to add the domain to your Cloudflare account.

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if i totally delete my domain from cloudflare account would that be ok so as to start the connection to cloudflare from the start?

It sounds like you’re planning on skipping Step 1. That might not work.

After Step 1, you’ll need to make sure your domain here has all the DNS records you currently have. If they’re at A2, see if you can Export them to a BIND file. If they’re already here, then exporting them is pretty easy.

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