Change Cloudflare Nameservers - I am done with this free plan!

Could someone help me with, Changing Cloudflare Nameservers to:

The Free CF is not working for me.

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You would change the nameserver on your registrar. If your registrar is Cloudflare, then you need to transfer your domain off Cloudflare.


I need more help. I need to change the nameservers on cloudflare to:

I don’t know how to do this CL makes this very difficult like everything else.

And I need to get rid of I don’t want it anymore. Also CL does not make this ease to do. I just need to get CL out of my life. I can’t baby site this anymore.

How much for a really cheap plan to get help through a phone support number?

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It looks like your domain is registered with Cloudflare. To transfer it out, follow Transfer domain from Cloudflare to another registrar · Cloudflare Registrar docs. You can not change nameservers to an external services for a domain registered with Cloudflare as per their terms of service.

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Thank you this looks promising. Until I click something and it tells me to contact support which I can’t they won’t talk to free accounts. Thank you cyb3r-jak3.
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