Change Cloudflare issued name servers?

I use the free Cloudflare account offering. I just added two new new domains to my zone who’s register is Namesilo. I was issued the same Cloudflare name servers as my older domains except for one of the two new domains I added to Cloudflare. The other domain I recently created had different Cloudflare name servers. So, all of my domains have the same Cloudflare name servers except for one domain. I would like to know if it’s possible for Cloudflare to change one of my new domain’s Cloudflare name servers?

Reason I ask is that I don’t want all my eggs in one basket so to speak and have someone do a reverse NS lookup and potentially find my other domains. Make sense?

PS: I also noticed IP addresses seem to be issued to the type of domain one runs. In the interest of keeping my domains “off the radar” so to speak, would the issued IP addresses also be a factor as well as a reverse NS lookup? If so, can that also be changed by Cloudflare support? I do realize I may be asking for way too much here. But it would be a nice perk to have. At least for the NS records.

I’m not sure if you are asking to keep all the nameservers the same for the domains, or make them different?

You can’t change the nameservers to a specific set. The nameserver pair are how you indicate to Cloudflare you control the domain and allow it to be added to an account.

The allocated nameservers will change if a domain is removed and added back to Cloudflare, if the nameservers are the same before adding the domain to Cloudflare, and maybe for other security reasons. So if you want a different pair of nameservers, you can try to force Cloudflare to change them by doing those actions.

Cloudflare’s proxy IPs each resolve for a huge number of sites so guessing which domains are linked to an account won’t be possible. The IPs for your site may also change over time and differ between regions. You can’t change your Cloudflare issued IPs.


This is correct in the context of a free plan. It is possible to create account level custom nameservers when at least one zone in the account is on a Business plan. It does require contacting Cloudflare support and is managed using the API.

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