Change cloudflare backend web port for custom url


I have a domain called serves through cloudflare proxy.
Nginx web server is active in the background, and it responds to all requests to this address. → proxy A ptr → tcp:80:nginx

I want to do

All requests coming under or* are sent to cloudflare on my server.* → proxy A ptr → tcp:2020:laravel service

redirect, why do I want this? To take extra tcp connection stress on nginx and give it directly to the service on 2020 tcp port with cloudflare.

otherwise I’ll have to open a redirect from within nginx.

is it possible?

Not running HTTPS later or?

I wonder, may I ask if you can change this port to one which is supported and compatible with Cloudflare proxy mode :orange: as follows on the below link?:

From the topic title, I am not familiar if this is possible (yes at the origin host/server).
Rather using multiple ports (supporetd and compatible) over the same hostname, if so, for different apps/services - in terms of the DNS (at Cloudflare).

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