Change cache from Dynamic to HIT

I upgraded my server (doubled the RAM, upgraded to ubuntu 20.04 and moved to a faster server from the same host provider) However my website speed tanked by almost 30%

There are two things I noticed in CF:

  1. The cache status is now listed as DYNAMIC as seen here I’m pretty sure it was HIT. My website doesn’t make use of dynamic content (pretty much everything is static). Should I try and change this back to HIT and if so how is that done?
  2. The second thing I did was make use of CF “Full (strict)” TLS/SSL instead of just “Full”. Could this have slowed down the website performance?

In short do you believe the above two points might have caused a 30% decrease in performance even with a faster server? Or is it likely to be something else?

Cloudflare doesn’t cache HTML by default, so it’s always been DYNAMIC unless you set a Page Rule for “Cache Everything”, but that’s generally not a good idea unless it’s implemented correctly.

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I agree to the above post.

CloudFlare does not usually cache HTML.
The problem that non-cache requests are slow is likely to be server-side issues.

“FULL” is theoretically a little slower, but it is not serious to it.

Sorry for the example of a dynamic site, but it is often due to the fact that “PHP version’s problem” or “OPCache” is not set.

Thanks for the replies. I thought it might have something more to do with the general LAMP stack setup on the new server than CF. But I thought I’d just ask just to be certain.

@Nakamura I had a quick look at OPCache and it does appear to be running except for the “File Cache”

Caching is used more than I thought.
It may be in the choice to change memory restrictions and their cash usage limits in php.ini.

PHP is moving more than I thought, but has PHP versions have been confirmed?
In many cases, PHP versions fall to considerable performance degradation.

Or, although it’s not a fundamental solution, you can cache the HTML.

This can be done by going to CloudFlare’s PageRule and setting the “Cache Level” to “Everything” in the location you want to cache.

However, if your site is a members-only site or has an administration screen, there is a risk that fatal information will be cached.

Thank you.

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