Change Billing Address

change your billing address you best open a new thread
I am asked to start a thread to change my billing address

You can change your billing address at

Tried that 3 times, never ever work… Couple of error message when I tried to update the address… see attached

Seems change of address isn’t allowed???

Ah, I got the same thing. @gloria is online now and might be able to test this.

I see a handful of other recent posts with the same issue. They all opened tickets: billing AT cloudflare DOT com

Post the Ticket # as soon as you get the autoreply.

@sdayman thank you for the heads up, looking forward to the tickets # so I can assist.

As a first step, for this error, we would ask to try clearing the cache, use another browser or in incognito mode. If the error still persist, we will escalate it to Engineering, but please attach a har file
thank you


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