Challenging Unknown countries in WAF leads to challenging Google!

I’m trying to challenge Unknown countries in Cloudflare WAF rules and I’m getting allot of different Google IP challenged !
Dispute the fact that there are dedicated WAF rule to ALLOW known bots active.
Is this fake IP or I’m Challenging Google!!!

That’s really Google. Open a Support ticket and let us know what they find out, login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support.

Wait…if this is the new Firewall Rules, and you’re challenging unknown countries, but didn’t include an Allow Bots in that rule, it may have priority over the general WAF rule.

:wave: @sdayman,

That looks like the IP firewall UI from the screenshot.

OP what’s the reason you’re blocking visits which show up as unknown country? :man_shrugging:


Yes that’s the new WAF rules.
I will try it and see how it will work

I’m getting hammered by Bots from Unknowing countries.

But the way I understand it that Rule for allowing known bots should be put in ALLOW rule not in the middle of Challenge rule!
I will open a support ticket and if I found an explanation or solution will post it here.

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