"Challenges Linking my Cloudflare Domain with CPanel Server"


I recently purchased the domain oro-app dot com through Cloudflare and am trying to link it with my dedicated server running CPanel. It has been 5 days since I configured the domain name servers (DNS) in Cloudflare, but the update is still not reflected.

Issue Details:

  1. In my VPS’s CPanel, I have added “langston ns cloudflare com” and “luciana ns cloudflare com” as my name servers.
  2. In Cloudflare’s settings, I’ve set my server’s IP as the DNS target.
  3. Despite these configurations, the name server update does not occur.

Attached are screenshots of the settings for reference.

I would greatly appreciate any assistance or suggestions to resolve this issue.


Please help me!

Cloudflare DNS config:

CPanel config:

I’m a bit confused at what you are doing as there are two domains shown.

oro-app.com is successfully added to Cloudflare, but there is no DNS record for the apex domain (or www subdomain either)…
Add those to your Cloudflare DNS here…

startdedicated.com does not have the nameservers set to Cloudflare ones so you need to do that before any of the DNS records in your screenshot for that domain will work…

If you want the domains behind Cloudflare, nameservers need to be set at your registrar, DNS records at Cloudflare. Settings elsewhere will be of no effect.


"My domain was purchased on Cloudflare, and I need the domain to display the page hosted on the VPS I have at xxx stardedicated dot com, which is my current VPS

That’s not going to happen until you add DNS records for oro-app.com in Cloudflare with the VPS IP.

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Done. Should I do anything else?


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You will want to get HTTPS working properly at your origin server. If your VPS control panel has an option to automatically obtain certificates using Let’s Encrypt or a similar Certificate Authority, that is often the most versatile option.


I don’t know what’s happening, but after an hour of having it configured, now the DNS records are deleted. Do you know what might be going on?

Do you use Ezoic with Cloudflare integration?

If you have integrated your Cloudflare account with an Ezoic account, all DNS changes need to be made in Ezoic. Changes made directly in Cloudflare are overwritten by Ezoic every time it syncs.

I not have any Ezonic integration, only CPanel integration from my VPS

You should be able to get more specific information from your audit log. It will contain details on any deletions.