Challenge vs Managed Challenge

Good day,

I have been using Cloudflare for a few days now, and I have noticed some automatic security steps taken, like blocking or challenging requests.
So far so good, but now I see a new label in the Firewall app: “Managed Challenge”.

I can not find anything in this forum or on google on the difference between Challenge and Managed Challenge.

What is the difference?


Thanks for the answer but I had already searched there.
There is no mention of an action called Managed Challenge.

There are mentions of Managed rulesets, which I understand to be a list of execptions or rules I can write myself. I have only written one Page Rule that does not match the request I am getting the “Action taken: Managed Challenge” for in the Firewall app.

I had the same question, and it appears (at least in our case) that this is related to the “Super Bot Fight Mode”. Once we told Cloudflare to issue a challenge for " Definitely automated" and “Likely automated” traffic, we starting seeing those “Managed Challenge” firewall events.

Under “Events by service”, if you filter the overview by “Firewall: Managed”, then a little down in the page you’ll see a box titled “Managed Rules” that should tell you what exactly is the source of those “Managed Challenge” firewall events.


Managed Challenge are related to the Super Bot Fight Mode. You can change settings in the new Bot tab under Firewall.


Thank you both!

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