I can no longer access my bank’s website. I just get caught in an endless cycle of it asking me to allow This is a brand new issue for me. The only change that has been made is Atlas VPN went out of business and transitioned me to NORD VPN. I tried going into Chrome Extensions and shutting the NORD extension off, but that did not solve the problem. I also tried toggling off my Kaspersky. No luck. I’ve also noticed that my password manager, LogMeOnce is also complaining now that I’m not permitting ads, and it’s asking me to permit them. It says click up in the right hand corner and offers some symbols for an ad blocker, but I see none of those symbols. Assuming NORD VPN is the problem, how do I allow list ?

There was an incident about this about 30 minutes ago: Cloudflare Status - Issues passing Challenge Pages and Turnstile, same error as you describe.
Are you still getting the issue now? Your extensions could indeed be blocking it as well, and it’s just bad timing with that incident. Would try without any of them/a different browser.

Thank you for your kind answer. Yes, I did attempt to perform the procedure using Microsoft Edge, and I also tried running Chrome in incognito mode without success. The issue does seem to have self-resolved, though I cannot understand why or how.

Probably because it was just due to the incident I linked in my first post, it caused the same error message of “Please unblock

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