Chaining multiple workers on Enterprise plan


there is a worker that we want to deploy on any route - “/*”. Let’s call it workerA.
There is anoter worker we want to deploy on specific rout “/path1/”. Let’s call in workerB.
Actions is happening within domain on enterprise plan.

How the request will be processed?
i) only worker A will be used?
ii) workerA and then worker B will be used? Which will be used first?
iii) only workerB will be used?

My intention to have both workers to process the request and me being able to select which of them comes first.
Thanks a lot for explaining.


I believe you can’t overlap routes.
Is the code so big that you can’t merge the two workers together? trigger one or two functions depending on route.

There are reasons behind why this would be a preferred way. Also, I’ve read that once CF app with worker is installed on certain domain - app’s worker and standard workers are chained. So the chain concept itself is somewhat technically really possible…

You are on the Enterprise plan, right? I guess this question would be best directed to the Customer Success Engineer that’s following you…

Basically no one in here has the possibility to have multiple Worker scripts, so no one can actually try to help you.

IIRC the most specific route will apply. So in your scenario you would want worker B to include the code from A+B.

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Thanks everyone for taking your time to respond! All seems clear now.