Cgi sys suspended page


My website was live but in maintenance page mode for a long time (I used a plugin), now after I opened the website and canceled the maintenance mode, the website seems to work properly in the desktop version but in the mobile version it doesn’t work and I get this error:
cgi sys suspended page
I checked in a hidden browser and clearing cache, but it doesn’t help and the problem occurs in all types of browsers. I haven’t made any recent IP changes either.
I contacted the support of my hosting company Cloudways, they checked and said I should contact Cloudflare. But I don’t have a paid version on Cloudflare so I don’t know when the support team will get back to me. I would appreciate it if there is someone from the community who can help and guide me in solving the problem.


What’s the domain in question?

Your website opens fine from my end… both desktop and mobile browsers.

I don’t see any “cgi sys suspended” page.

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